Rugs are multifunctional. They not only make a room look complete, but they bring so much cosiness and warmth to the room. There are so many different types of rugs that you can choose for your room that are made of high quality materials and great designs.


Woollen rugs


Wool rugs are extremely soft and warm, and are usually hand woven. They come in a lot of different colours and designs, so you will definitely find one that looks great in your room. The best part about wool is that they are naturally stain resistant, making them a great option to use in children’s room. It is definitely a durable option and you won’t regret your decision.


When it comes to the maintenance of woollen rugs, you have to vacuum on a frequent basis. If there is any spillage on the rug by accident, make sure to attend it immediately with a clean cloth that is absorbent. Don’t scrub it roughly, otherwise you might damage the rug’s delicate texture. You can also get it professionally cleaned from time to time in order to maintain its newness.


Fiber rugs


Fiber rugs are great if you want to create and organic and rustic look for your room. They are great for bedrooms because they add a very relaxed and casual feel. There are some great fiber rugs you can get your hands on that are hand woven by expert craftsmen.


Fiber rugs are usually made from plants like jute making them very lasting and durable. You should vacuum it on a frequent basis to make sure it is maintained. And if there is spillage of something that is hard to get out, just dust some extracting powder, and the stain should come out easily. Since they are made from natural plants, they make shrink and expand with environmental changes so they probably are not the best for humid rooms.


Fur rugs


Fur rugs are extremely soft, and bring a very luxurious feel to the room. This can sophistication to the simplest of the rooms. However, they might be difficult to maintain, and probably are not the best option for households with kids and pets. In order to care for them, you should run the vacuum on it on the lowest settings. And make sure you rotate the rug every now and then so that it wears off evenly.



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