Blinds are becoming more popular as compared to curtains and drapes. This is because of a number of reasons. Blinds are cheaper, they look great on windows, they are easier to clean unlike curtains, and they are extremely versatile. Not only can you adjust the amount of sunlight you want, there is no trade off between having light in the room or having privacy. No matter what kinds of blinds you are thinking to get, be it venetian blinds, roller blinds, etc., they are all easy to maintain, clean and they add a very modern touch to the room. When purchasing blinds, these are some of the things you should consider.



Colour theme


Just like any other thing you want to bring into your house, you will obviously want it to blend in with the rest of its surrounding and not stick out like a sore thumb. Get a colour that will accentuate the rest of your bedroom. If you have light coloured furniture, you should probably be fine with a classic set of white blinds. The fact whether you want a bright or dark room will also decide the colour of blinds you decide to get.


Match with the window


The style and shape of your window will decide whether you should get horizontal blinds or vertical blinds. If you have a sliding window or really big windows, you should get vertical blinds and if you have a small or medium sized window, horizontal blinds are the ways to go.





Blinds come in a lot of different materials such as wood, vinyl, fabric etc. This too depends on the kind of look you are trying to create for your room. If you want a very exotic bohemian look, you can look into bamboo stick blinds. Fabric blinds are a safe option as they come in a lot of different colours and will end up matching the colour scheme of your bedroom.




Before you go blinds shopping, make sure you have the correct set of measurements so you can the perfect size of blinds for your windows. If you can’t find any blinds that are the dimensions of your window, you can get them custom made, although they might be a tad more expensive.


You have to be careful of these things when shopping for blinds so you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

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